How we met

Eric and I met in 2010, when he found my blog while browsing Foreign Service blogs.  A mutual friend introduced us over email, and within a few days of meeting we were dating.  We got lucky: he was able to work at the Consulate for four months over the summer as an intern (no, I did NOT get him this job!), which reinforced his career goal of joining State and also introduced him to my work colleagues, who will be the bulk of the guests at our wedding.  That's part of the reason we want to get married here: so many of our mutual friends are also our colleagues, and our wedding will be one of the last big events we have before we depart Turkey for Libya.

My stepfather laughs and says that I had to travel 6,00 miles to find a guy from Louisiana, which is sort of true - we're both struck with wanderlust, an insatiable desire to travel, to live overseas, and to get out of our comfort zone and experience some truly unusual and memorable events.  Since we met, we've gone on several international road trips, gotten lost in rural Turkey, adopted a cat, created a solid weekend routine with friends and loved ones, learned how to cook together, and fallen a little more in love every day through thick and thin, through good times, great trips, and rough patches.  We don't know where we'll be in two years' time, but I think we've built a solid base of adventure, fun, and love to get us through many more international moves!